Pest Tech Paste - Rodent 60ml x 4

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This is a non poisonous rat and mouse elimination solution. It is your best alternative to using dangerous rat poison chemicals also known as rodenticides that are a threat to wildlife and even cats that hunts and devour these rats carrying rat poison. Rats are mostly resistant to most rat poisons and these rat poisons are a threat to the environment and wildlife. The Health and Safety Executive would like the use of so-called 'second generation' rat poisons restricted. The Government agency is worried that wildlife in the countryside will ingest these two poisons - difenacoum and bromadiolone, reported the Daily Telegraph. Pest Tech Paste is not harmful to domestic animals and humans. This advanced formula paste appeals to rodents in five ways: smell, touch, feel, sight & taste. This is a ready to use paste for rats and mice: - Gets rid of rats and mice quickly and effectively - Reduces damages and contamination - Savings to the environment and wildlife - Saves money and time.