Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 6 July 2018
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At some point last year we somehow got a nasty invasion of roaches in our flat (which makes it double hard to exterminate, as even when you make the flat spotlessly clean, if your neighbours don't... well... roaches will find their way back to you).
We tried a lot of different products - started with the sprays (yes, they kill them on the spot - but the nest remains). Traps. Various powders they were supposed to carry on their feet to their nest. Fumigation that was supposed to reach the nest. NOTHING made significant difference. There would sometimes be fewer of them, but they just kept coming back, and even when we thought it was better, suddenly we would still see one appearing out of nowhere.
I was beginning to really lose hope, but this product had great reviews so as last-ditch attempt we got this, put little blobs of it (on little sticky notes) all over the apartment (mostly on the floor), and we waited. First few days not much of a difference, but then we started seeing some of them dead on the floor, or sometimes in clearly not good shape (crawling slowly, or on their backs trying to move to normal position). Any survivors we zapped with a spray - but after a few weeks there were none left, and I think finally we reached the neighbours' nests too.
This has been a few months ago and, touch wood, still none appear. And if they do, at least I won't lose any time with other methods but get a tube of this again.
By the way, one tube will be more than enough for AGES. I'd have to buy a new one only because we put it somewhere in a way that it leaked. So be careful about that, otherwise it's brilliant.

Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 13 May 2019
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