All Pest Tech products have an unlimited shelf life and no expiry date when stored indoors and unopened between 0°C and 6°C. Once opened, they should be used within two years.


Before using any Pest Tech Center product, please READ THE LABEL.

Although our products are non-toxic, please keep them OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN and PETS.

Pest Tech Gel and Pest Tech Paste products may contain nuts.




At Pest Tech Center, we have products specifically designed to combat the most common categories of household pests.


  • Unless you live in Iceland, Greenland or Antarctica, you’re sharing your portion of the planet with ants. There are over 22,000 different species, but when ants are in your home, there’s only one kind – the wrong kind. We’ve developed our Pest Tech Gel - Ant, gels to be effective against all the main types of ants you’re likely to encounter, including:

    • Acrobat ants

    • Big-Headed ants (BHA)

    • Carpenter ants

    • Cornfield ants

    • Crazy ants

    • Harvester (Red) ants

    • Honey ants

    • Little Black ants

    • Argentine ants

    • Field ants

    • Odorous House (Stink) ants

    • Pavement ants

    • Pyramid ants

    • Rover ants

    • Thief (Grease, Sugar) ants

    • White-footed ants

    • Red Imported Fire ants (RIFA)


  •  Cockroaches are one pest you definitely want to get rid of quickly. They leave an offensive smell, carry germs, and can trigger asthma and other allergic reactions – and they look really nasty! Both our regular Pest Tech Gel - Cockroach and Pest Tech Gel - Cockroach Advanced Long Life Formula, gels are effective against all the commonest cockroach species, including:

    • American

    • Asian

    • Australian

    • Brown

    • Brown-Banded

    • German

    • Smoky-Brown



  •  Rats and mice are very serious pests. They can cause significant damage to property, gnawing their way through wood, plastics, insulation materials - even electrical wiring, creating a real risk of fire. They also contaminate surfaces with their urine, droppings and hair, and carry fleas, ticks and mites, all of which are vectors for diseases affecting both pets and humans. Pest Tech Paste - Rodent paste offers a quick, lasting solution to rodent problems – without the use of dangerous poisons and baits.




    Pest Tech Center products offer a safer, more sustainable and more environmentally friendly alternative to conventional pesticides and rodenticides.


    All Pest Tech Center products are made from natural ingredients, including domestic food and animal feed. The active ingredient in our ant and cockroach gels is a natural plant extract called Sterculiaceae (0.7%) which is obtained using a non-chemical process.




    Pest Tech Gels and Pest Tech Paste will not harm birds, wild mammals, household pets or humans. However, please use your common sense, remember our products’ intended purpose, and handle and store them accordingly.